10 bars, 2 nights

One of the reasons why I love being a photographer is that I get to go to all these different places and meet awesome people. I’ve been doing a lot of work for Panorama lately and I feel the urge to post some of my favorite ones here. We’ve been working on a new issue coming out, I think, next week. One of the features is a single’s guide to mixing and mingling on Valentine’s Day. We’re featuring 10 nightlife bars and clubs in Boston. Because of time restraint, hitting all of these venues in 2 nights was a challenge, plus it was Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so finding the right people to be our “models” wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

This one’s from the Liberty Hotel. I had to do some convincing to get these folks in front of my camera. *Pats on my shoulder* I set up my lighting and get this shot under 5 minutes.

Boston Liberty Hotel bar

This was at the Masa bar in the South End. These guys agreed to be my models and were very cooperative, which made my job easier.
Boston Masa bar night club nightlife

This was at the M Bar in Copley. They were actual models we hired because the editor wanted to use this as the main image of the feature, and we were afraid we couldn’t get anyone at the bar to be in front of the camera.
Boston M Bar night club nightlife

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I shot some fab chocolates from Taza as one of next issue’s Valentine’s Day features. Stay tuned for pictures that’ll make your mouth water.