Recent Trip to NYC

August 21, 2012

How many people know that life is too short to not do anything that makes you happy? I bet everyone has heard of it at some point. But knowing and doing are different. I’ve always wanted to travel all around the world and experience new cultures and traditions, eat strange foods with total strangers and belt one out by a campfire (can’t help it I just watched Wanderlust). I remember freshman year in college we went around and introduced ourselves to the class answering three simple questions; one of them being “countries I’ve traveled to”. I grew up in a small family that didn’t have the luxury to do anything other than putting food on the table. While everyone started talking about the awesome places they’ve traveled to, I had nothing.

Summer after summer I made excuses not to do the things I wanted to do because of work, money, etc. This year I’ve decided to make a change. No more excuses and empty promises to myself. I need to take more time out of my schedule to do things for myself that I love, whether it’s traveling or personal hobbies. I only get to live this life once, I’d do myself a disservice if I don’t get the best out of it.

Putting myself out there in the public interweb like this is scary, but I thought it’s more important for me to share my personal stories with my clients and people that I care about and remind people and it’s never too late to live your life. I’ve always appreciated how much my clients were willing to share with me and this is my turn.

Since there were only a few weeks left before classes start, I thought NYC would be a great starting place to achieve my dream of traveling around the world. We stayed for a couple days. I know it’s lame, everyone’s been to NYC but you know… baby steps.

New York NYC Grand Central StationNew York NYC subway

We took the Roosevelt Island tram since a lot of people recommended it. It only lasted 4 minutes but I managed to grab a couple nice aerial shots.

New York NYC Roosevelt Island tramNew York NYC Roosevelt Island tramNew York NYC Roosevelt Island

And we went to Grand Army Plaza. It was a very nice and relaxing place unlike anywhere in or near Manhattan.

New York NYC Grand Army PlazaNew York NYC Grand Army Plaza and Central Park

Hey look, it’s B&H.

New York NYC B&H camera store

We took the Staten Island ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty.

New York NYC night skyline Staten IslandNew York NYC night skyline Staten Island

I’d love to know what favorite cities or countries you’ve traveled to… need to start making plans for next summer :p


  1. Hey Zeliang,

    Speaking of traveling,I would definitely say that Spain is a great destination. Few of my friends and I went to Madrid and Barcelona last month and it was one of the best experiences we have ever had. We bought books,booked flight and hotels and did tons of research.It definitely was worth the preparations because the entire trip was smooth and fun.
    I have traveled to quite a lot of places. Egypt,Malaysia,Singapore,Tokyo twice,Korea,countries in Europe:Amsterdam,Switzerland,Vatican,Greece,Spain,the UK,Italy,France,Holland,Belgium. Also to Australia,Dubai, New Zealand,China and HongKong.
    My goal for next summer is to travel to Brazil,Thailand,Taiwan and the mainland parts of China if possible.If you love diversities,cultures,food,etc.Start traveling!

    Best of luck,

    1. Hey Jackie, that’s really impressive that you’ve been to so many places. Spain is definitely one of the places I want to go. I took Spanish in high school. I just need to practice a bit before I go :p
      By the way, have we met? Thanks for the comment though :)

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