Taj Boston Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony: Betsy & Jenna

January 24, 2014

Nothing is more heart warming than two fabulous people coming together and making a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. I’m lucky enough to witness and document such a special day for Betsy and Jenna tying the knot at the Taj Hotel in Boston. It was a snowy/rainy day in Boston and Betsy and Jenna had arrived here from Atlanta earlier in the week. Jenna had a fever and braved it through the ceremony. She was so strong and did the entire session without any issue. I was very touched how supportive their family and friends were. Even though they were not able to attend the ceremony, they sent them lots of gifts and champagne… of course I had to have them toast to each other :)

I was pleasantly surprised to find out the officiant, Janet, was referred by Bernadette Smith, the owner of 14 Stories – a wedding planner who specializes in gay weddings now based in New York (used to be Boston). She’s always been my inspiration and even though I didn’t get to directly work with her, some day I hope I’ll get the chance to.

Taj Boston gay wedding-1

Boston gay lesbian wedding Taj Hotel

Taj Boston gay wedding-9900

Taj Boston gay wedding-9905

The ceremony began with overflowing emotions… mostly joy and excitement.

Boston gay lesbian wedding Taj Hotel

Boston gay lesbian wedding Taj Hotel

Taj Boston gay wedding-0059

Taj Boston gay wedding-0068

I absolutely loved how Betsy teared up and Jenna went and wiped off her tear. So cute!
Taj Boston gay wedding-0069

Taj Boston gay wedding-0007

Taj Boston gay wedding-0075

Taj Boston gay wedding-0080

Boston gay lesbian wedding ceremony Taj Hotel

Boston gay lesbian wedding ceremony Taj Hotel

And yay! They’re officially married!

Taj Boston gay wedding-0113

Boston gay lesbian wedding Taj Hotel

Boston gay lesbian wedding Taj Hotel

I can’t get over how ridiculously cute they are. They deserve happiness and each other and I feel extremely honored that they chose me to document this emotional and joyful occasion.


  1. Betsy is my daughter, and, of course, Jenna is my new daughter-in-law. Their choice was a private ceremony, but I’m so glad we get to witness their marriage by virtue of your beautiful photographs and comments. Thank you so much. They are priceless!

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for the comment. I’m so glad you get to witness their beautiful ceremony through these photographs. There are a lot more in their private gallery I hope you get to see them too :)

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