Incredibly Fun Lesbian Couple Engagement Session by Castle Island Boston

It was a treat photographing this super fun couple at Carson Beach by Castle Island in Boston. Cassie and Heather were originally from Atlanta and are going to tie the knot in Boston. They’re relocating here a month before their wedding. In the morning of the engagement session, Cassie had a job interview where she had to sample teach at a high school. (Today, she texted me and said she got the job, woo-hoo!) Then she and Heather went ring shopping. They were having their rings custom made so I’m really excited to see them. We started the engagement session by early evening. We were lucked out because the forecast predicted heavy rain but the weather turned out to be super nice, the sunset was awesome. I was worried about their energy level since they had so much going on earlier in the day but they were total rock stars. Cassie was also a photographer and used to being behind the camera. It was their first time being photographed together and I had to say, once they came out of their little shells, we had a blast.

adorable fun lesbian couple engagement

Cassie is a gymnastics teacher so she knew all the aerobics. If she wasn’t in a dress, she could have done a lot more than a dip.

beach fun lesbian couple

Boston beach lesbian couple engagement session

Their laughs are contagious. I can’t help but feel so happy looking at these love birds.

Boston beach lesbian couple engagement

Boston Spring gay couple engagement session

We found this little patch of grass on the beach; it was nice to have some colors in our photos.

Boston Spring lesbian couple engagement session 01

Boston Spring lesbian couple engagement session 02

Boston Spring lesbian couple engagement session 03

Oh and they’re seashell collectors. They’re huge beach goers so they always collect a few seashells from every beach they’ve been to.

colorful Spring beach lesbian engagement session

lesbian couple beach engagement 07

Big hugs are the best!

fun lesbian couple engagement session Boston

Carson Beach gay couple engagement

cute lesbian couple beach engagement session

gay couple beach engagement photo shoot blue sky

lesbian couple beach engagement black dress

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  1. Cassie and I have been best friends for 25 years. It’s so nice to see her so happy with Heather. Love you both and can’t wait until the wedding!

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