Boston Gay Wedding at Liberty Hotel – Josh & Perry

Josh and Perry’s wedding at the Liberty Hotel in Boston was fabulous. It was an incredible day filled with joyful emotions and dances. They both got ready in the same hotel room at the Liberty Hotel. They picked this venue because they loved the fact that it used to be a jail and still had some of the metal-barred-windows on the wall. The ceremony room was very unique. It had two floors. The DJs were on the second floor. While the bridal party walked in from the first floor, Josh and Perry walked in from the second floor through the spiral staircase.

Josh and Perry were such an amazing couple to photograph. You can tell from their North End engagement session just how fun they were. I thought it was super unique that they wore these hats on their wedding day. It was “a themed, Prohibition-era wedding, complete with classic music (mixed with some modern tunes) and speak-easy atmosphere.” Big shout out to the amazing Alisha Simmons for coordinating the wedding. Honestly, she was the best. The epic wedding cake shot was made possible because of her help moving the table.

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A little love story of Josh and Perry:

“When we met back in 1999, our very first evening spent together ended with a night time stroll at the Fort Wilderness Lodge. As we made our way to the pier down by the lake, the Electric Water Pageant erupted with fireworks and loud music. It was at that point when we knew that our relationship would be more than just a friendship. Fast forward 14 years, 2 months, and 9 days to a 6th floor patio, 1300 miles away from where we stood on that night. Perry got down on one knee and uttered the words, ‘So tonight, with fireworks in the sky, I wanted to ask you to be my husband.'”

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At one point while they were getting ready in their hotel room, Josh’s mom gave him a dog tag and Wings from his grandfather. It was one of the sweetest and most emotional moments I had seen all day.

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Here’s Perry’s vow. I thought it was very poetic and heartfelt.

“Josh, we danced those many nights ago, under the neon lights
It was then and there that my prayers were answered
The whole world felt so far away
Every other person seemed to disappear
And all I could hear was my beating heart
So loud that the music around us was unwritten
I looked into your eyes and saw you smile
The kind of honest smile that made me believe in things like forever and always
Your words clung to the night air like stardust
Traced in some language that God had only meant for me to hear
I knew then that I would never, ever need another thing in this world
More than I would need your love.”

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The wedding cake was epic. They made books in the shapes of the letters “P&J” (short for Perry and Josh) for the guest sign-in table.

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This was Josh’s dad giving his toast. It was one of the most heartwarming things of the night.

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The cake cutting was so funny. They were trying to smear cake on each other’s nose. Josh also talked about it at the end of this blog post.

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Wasn’t she the cutest girl on the dance floor?!

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Hahaha, Perry’s expression was hilarious.

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Girl, work it!

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What was the most memorable moment of your wedding celebration?

Josh: I have 2 and the both involve my parents. Before he wedding my mom gave me my Grandfathers Wings and dog tags. After the wedding, my dad’s toast made everyone in the room cry. It means so much that my parents have been so supportive and were a huge part of our special day

Perry: My father-in-laws toast. He isn’t one to normally say sentimental things, so when he called his son ‘his sunshine’, it melted everyone’s hearts.

Any advice for future grooms?

Josh: Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day the only thing that is important is the commitment that you make with each other.  

Perry: Be patient with each other and don’t let the stress of planning get in between you or make you forget how important this day is going to be. 

Funniest memory of the night?

Josh: Smearing the cake icing in Perry’s face. He pulled away before I could get him real good, but we still made a mess!

Perry: When the Justice of the Peace had to wait for Josh to say ‘I do’. He wasn’t quite sure that it was time for him to do so. It broke the ice and made everyone laugh through their tears. 

Why is it important to you that your wedding vendors are gay-friendly?

Josh: It’s important to have someone that you can trust and that you know that they have your best interest in mind. It was important to be treated the same as any other couple that is getting married.

Perry: As a gay man, it is important for me to feel supported. I cannot imagine how awkward I would feel if my vendor were not gay-friendly. It also helped us feel as though are special day was like every other couples’ wedding day. 

Photographer: Ze Liang Photography
Wedding coordinator: Alisha Simmons
Cermeony & Reception Venue: Liberty Hotel, Boston MA
Event coordinator: Bridget Luddy (Liberty Hotel)
Justice of the Peace: Theressa “Terri” Orr
Cake: Icing on the Cake
DJs: Bill Frisone and Sandra Fragale
Florist: Busy Bee Florist

Ze Liang Photography specializes in gay and lesbian wedding and engagement photography. If you’re planning your special day, please get in touch. I’m available for Boston and beyond.


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