Trending: Castle Island Same-Sex Couple Photo Shoot

If you’re a fan of Ze Liang Photography, you know I LOVE same-sex weddings and engagement sessions. I adore every single gay couple I’ve had the honor to photograph. Lately, some of their photos have been trending on my Ze Liang Photography Facebook page so I decided to do a post highlighting some of them. For every photo that receives more than 50 likes and comments (both combined), I’ll do a blog post feature of it – it’s worth bragging :)

First up is Cassie and Heather’s super fun beach engagement session by Castle Island. They picked this location because they’re huge beach goers. I personally love Carson Beach and Castle Island, I even recommend them as one of the best Boston locations for engagement sessions.

FB comment Cassie & Heather

I was reading through all the comments and I just loved that everyone was enjoying the photos, but this one particular comment by Tina caught my eyes. I’m so flattered she checked out my website and liked my work. Girl, you know how to make a boy blush =p