Wedding Albums from Josh & Perry’s Liberty Hotel Same-Sex Wedding

I’ve always been a big believer in having your wedding photos printed in professional albums rather than just digital files. Call me paranoid but there’s always a chance your hard drives may fail or technology going out of date (like the floppy disks); wedding photo albums are timeless. The photos are printed directly on thick archival pages. They’re made to last. Your wedding is once-in-a-lifetime occasion and your memories deserve to be treated with love.

In this post, I’m featuring Josh and Perry’s wedding at Liberty Hotel. The beige one is the main album. The dimensions are 10×10 inches with 40 pages. Most weddings can fit in a 40-page album. The way it works is that I design the page layouts after the wedding. My design is has always been modern and minimalist. I love full spreads – another feature that allows your pictures to lay across the pages edge-to-edge, without any white space, which distinguishes it from other albums from most consumer print labs like Shutterfly. After I have a draft of my design, I send the couple a preview link so they’ll have the opportunity to let me know if there are any changes they’d like me to make. The whole process is very simple and seamless.

Buying professional wedding albums is a bit of an investment upfront but it’s absolutely worth it in my opinion. It’s a one-time cost and you’ll be able to wow anyone who looks at your wedding photos. I highly recommend it.