Colt State Park Rhode Island Gay Wedding Photography – Cassie & Heather

September 18, 2014

whimsical lesbian gay beach wedding

I love Rhode Island weddings. Cassie and Heather’s wedding just happens to be at Colt State Park in Rhode Island and to say that there was nothing I didn’t like about it is an understatement. I’ve known Cassie for a while now since she got in touch in the very beginning stages of her wedding planning. I remember her emphasizing how important wedding photography was to her, and it was one of the few things in her wedding that she would never sacrifice. I knew I would love her because I, too, agree that photography is one of the most important things in a wedding.

What I really liked about Cassie and Heather’s Colt State Park wedding was how non-traditional it was and how much emphasize they put on being able to be themselves. They didn’t have a DJ; they didn’t wear heels like most brides; and they didn’t have elaborate floral arrangements; but what they had was everything that made them happy and allowed them to be themselves, which trumps everything else in my opinion. It was different, but in a good way. I particularly loved the colorful Converse sneakers that said “brides” on them, and the custom-made bracelets and wedding rings.

lesbian wedding colorful Converse boat shoes sneakers

DIY handmade wedding bouquet flowers

lesbian weddng dress Converse boat shoes sneakers

I thought this photo was funny. I borrowed a makeup mirror from one of the bridesmaids and put it in front of the lens, and there Sean was. He was a magician, which explained his mysterious appearance.

wedding getting ready mirror reflection

bride getting ready mirror

Colt State Park RI lesbian wedding ceremony

funny lesbian wedding cermeony summer RI

Colt State Park lesbian wedding ceremony

Colt State Park lesbian wedding ceremony tie hands

Right before the end of the ceremony, they hand painted a square canvas to commemorate the special day. They also had a bigger canvas for guests to paint and sign at reception.

Colt State Park lesbian wedding ceremony kids painting

Loved this walk down the aisle. This may arguably be one of the happiest walk-down-the-aisle moments I’ve seen.

Colt State Park lesbian wedding ceremony brides walk down aisle

elegant lesbian wedding photography

happy gay lesbian wedding Rhode Island

Colt State Park Rhode Island lesbian wedding party

lesbian wedding party pink dresses

The wedding party was extremely fun to photograph, which definitely made my job a lot easier.

fun lesbian wedding party pink dresses

You can see part of Sean in the left picture below. He was so kind to carry my camera bag while I took formals. Thanks for the help, Sean!

Colt State Park Rhode Island ocean lesbian wedding party

More hilarious wedding party photos!

beach lesbian wedding party summer

fun beach lesbian wedding party

hilarious beach lesbian wedding party bridesmaid

The lighting was changing really fast, we were lucky enough to get some really good shots with diffused light while the sun was behind clouds.

elegant classy beach lesbian gay wedding brides

summer lesbian beach wedding photography

Love the dramatic sky.

dramatic clouds lighting lesbian beach wedding

lesbian gay wedding blue sky

intimate lesbian beach wedding RI

fun lesbian wedding party pink dresses bouquets

You may see the flock of seagulls in the picture above, of course we had to do something about it.

fun wedding party picture running chase seagulls

elegant lesbian wedding bridal pose

Rhode Island lesbian wedding photography

summer lesbian wedding brides

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding celebration?

Painting with Heather and the boys. It was amazing to share that ritual with all of those that were in attendance.

Funniest memory of the day?

Arriving to the wedding in my best friend’s Jeep, with the top down and the music blaring… And running through a flock of seagulls with my bridal party.

Any advice for future brides?

Follow your heart and have a wedding that suits you. Plan a wedding that allows you to be you… All day.

Why is it important to you that your wedding vendors are gay-friendly?

Having someone recognize that the love that you and your partner share is powerful, and beautiful, is important. This understanding helps you keep who you are as a person and a couple throughout the day. The smile on your face stays genuine because you don’t have to be “fake”. Having someone that just sees “love” in all of its forms is an honor.

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