Boston State Room Wedding Stop Motion Video

October 1, 2014

If you ask me, State Room is one of the coolest wedding venues to photograph in Boston. The Boston skyline makes for an amazing backdrop. I had the honor of photographing Lisa and Alex’s wedding at State Room a couple of months ago. It turned out to be one of my favorite weddings in 2014. Their Western wedding ceremony was at the Roger Williams Park in Rhode Island. It was absolutely beautiful. The temple was a treat to photograph and the lighting was simply amazing. It also helped that Lisa and Alex were such a photogenic couple.

Prior to their Western wedding ceremony, they had two Chinese tea ceremonies, one at each of their houses in Newton, MA and Rhode Island. I love photographing Chinese tea ceremonies because many times either the couple or the parents get emotional, and I love capturing real emotions, the kind that gives you the tingly feeling and lets you remember this very special moment tens of years down the road. This is the exact reason why I love photography. Words just aren’t enough to fully describe the joy. After the Chinese and Western ceremonies, we did formals and headed back to Boston for the wedding reception at State Room. If you’ve ever seen any wedding at the State Room, you know how unbelievably gorgeous this venue is. The Boston skyline from one of the top floors is simply breathtaking, especially during the night time, you get a gorgeous view of the city lights from up top.

I decided to make a stop motion wedding video from Lisa and Alex’s wedding photos because it was just so much fun to photograph. The wedding party was incredibly fun too. I couldn’t ask for a better wedding to photograph. Make sure you head over and check out Lisa and Alex’s wedding photos.