Throwback Thursday: Styled Portraits and Fashion

May 21, 2015

Asian male nerdy modelWow, I haven’t written a post that isn’t wedding or engagement related in a while. I love photography and I’m passionate about photographing people, hence I really love photographing people in love and hearing their stories. I also really enjoy doing styled portraits and fashion. When I first started out, I met Khoney, who was a model and was kind enough to work with me on a few photo shoots. That was at least three years ago. I’m lucky to still call him a friend, and we get together regularly to hang out. He’s always had a great sense of fashion and style.

These are old photos that I created years ago. I re-edited them and now I have a new found appreciation for them. We worked hard on these photos and I think they deserve a little bit more recognition on my blog :)

If you’re a regular visitor of my blog, you might notice that I don’t have a lot of black and white images. That’s because my style, at least for weddings and engagement sessions, is colorful and vibrant. Vibrant colors make me happy and that’s what love celebrations are all about. But when it comes to styled portraits and fashion, I think there’s more of a place for black and white. I love the classic and elegant look.

male model fashion advertising photography

I met Emily in college. We were in the same major and had many classes together. I don’t remember whose idea it was to do a photo shoot (it was probably mine), but she always dressed very fashionably so I thought she would look amazing in front of the camera. I can’t remember how old these images are but I converted them to black and white and I really love them.retro fashion photographyretro fashion photography black and whiteretro fashion black and white