Casual Chestnut Hill Reservoir Engagement Session: Anne & Dan

Earlier this week I had an amazing time photographing Anne and Dan’s engagement session at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. It was a super candid and colorful session. If there’s one thing that Anne+Dan and I have in common, it’s that we love all things colorful; just look at their outfits, there’s blue, green, and orange. I also loved how casually they dressed. I always stressed the importance of dressing comfortably and being yourself for the engagement session; Anne and Dan did just that. They were one of the most cheerful and laid-back couples I’ve ever worked with.

Enjoy this candid and colorful engagement session!Chestnut Hill Reservoir summer engagement session

Anne and Dan’s wedding is going to be super awesome! It’s going to have a big emphasis on colorful details. I can not wait to photograph it. fun engagement session at Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Brighton summer engagement session

summer outdoor nature engagement session

Boston fun outdoor nature engagement session

Love these goofballs.Boston fun outdoor nature engagement session-2

Chestnut Hill Reservoir candid engagement session

sunset engagement session Chestnut Hill Reservoir

fun candid engagement session at Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Chestnut Hill Reservoir geese engagement session

At one point while we were walking along the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, a flock of geese majestically crossed the path. We stopped and let them cross, then I caught Anne and Dan goofing off here.
Chestnut Hill Reservoir couple engagement session

Cleveland Circle engagement session

Chestnut Hill Reservoir fun engagement session

Chestnut Hill Reservoir sunset engagement session

We finished the engagement session right before the sun set completely. The Chestnut Hill Reservoir was beautiful. I had a really fun time photographing Anne and Dan. If you’re engaged and looking for a fun and non-traditional wedding photographer who has a candid and colorful style, please get in touc

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