Interracial Gay Couple Engagement Session at Carson Beach, Boston

I love beach engagement sessions and weddings. Some of my favorite Boston locations for engagement sessions are Castle Island and Carson Beach. It helps that I currently live within walking distance from Carson Beach, which makes it my extra favorite place to hang out and photograph awesome couples. Speaking of awesome couples, I got a chance to photograph Brice and Press’ engagement session. I don’t use the word “awesome” lightly. They were incredibly fun to photograph. Once they started getting used to my camera, Boston gay couple engagement

Castle Island Same-Sex Couple Engagement Session

We first met up at Castle Island for their engagement session. It was an incredible experience not just for Brice and Press, who were being photographed professionally for the first time, but it was also amazing to see how they opened up in front of my camera. Most couples felt tense at first when a camera was pointed at them, and most of the time, they progressively became more relaxed. It didn’t take much time for Brice and Press to get to that point. It really said a lot about a couple how comfortable they were around each other.Boston fun gay couple summer engagement session

Boston fun same-sex couple engagement session

Boston LGBT couple engagement session

gay couple Boston summer engagement session

I’ll never get tired of carry-your-fiance-on-your-back photos. They’re so much fun and candid. I love getting these awesome expressions out of cute gay interracial couple Boston engagement

fun cute gay interracial couple Boston engagement session

interracial gay Asian couple Carson beach engagement

interracial gay couple Asian Carson beach engagement

Boston Carson Beach Gay Couple Engagement Session

We headed over to Carson Beach, which was next to Castle Island, for more photos. It was Brice and Press’ first time there and we were lucky enough to have great weather and it wasn’t too crowded, which was a huge advantage of doing the engagement session on a weekday. Brice and Press lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for many years so it made sense to do the engagement session on a beach.interracial gay couple Asian American Carson beach engagement

interracial same-sex couple Asian Boston beach engagement

interracial gay couple Asian Boston beach engagement

gay couple Carson beach engagement session

interracial gay couple Asian American summer engagement

They were so silly and I loved it. You know what they say… couples who are silly together stay together.interracial same-sex couple fun summer engagement

interracial LGBT couple Carson beach engagement

interracial gay couple beach engagementThese photos of them walking on the boardwalk above look like they belong in a men’s fashion magazine.interracial fun gay couple Asian American engagement

fun gay couple Carson beach engagement session

gay couple Asian American summer beach engagement

gay couple Castle Island engagement

I had an incredible time photographing Brice and Press’ engagement session at Castle Island and Carson Beach in Boston. If you’re engaged and looking for a photographer to capture your love with a fun and candid style, please get in touch. I’m happy to travel outside of Boston too.


  1. Very nice work!

    I’m wedding photographer in Montreal and was looking for some insertion as I have a same sex marriage I’ll be photographing soon and stumbled onto you site.

    Really great work!!


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Nick. I, too, find it helpful to get inspiration from other photographers’ work before a wedding, I’m sure you’ll do great at yours. Good luck :)

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