Villa Victoria Center for the Arts DIY Wedding

July 22, 2015

I’ve always loved incorporating DIY wedding details. Anne and Dan’s Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding was a gorgeous one. The venue was conveniently located in Boston and was perfect for medium size weddings and budget savvy couples. When it comes to customizing and decorating the venue, you have a lot of freedom. Unlike a traditional wedding venue where a team of staff takes care of the setup, you have total control over how and where you want your reception tables and centerpieces and decors. This worked perfectly for Anne and Dan because they loved the hands on aspect of the wedding preparation. Not only did they have family and friends to help out with the DIY decorations, their wedding party was super helpful in setting up the reception room.

Before you scroll down, be sure to check out their engagement session we did a couple weeks ago:

Anne and Dan’s Chestnut Hill Reservoir engagement session

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding formal portrait

summer Boston wedding bridal party water fountain

Anne and the bridesmaids got ready on the second floor of the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts. It was a spacious room with a large window, which was awesome for portraits.

bride getting ready at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts bride portrait in front of big window

first look Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding

This was their first look. I loved Dan’s reaction on his face. And then they did a fist bump.

bride and groom wedding fist bump

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding ceremony

Anne and Dan did a really great job transforming an ordinary space into a whimsical and swoon-worthy Pinterest-inspired venue. They made a backdrop for their ceremony using large paper pinwheels and PVC pipes. And they hung pom poms from the ceiling. They also decorated the staircase and the walls with Christmas lights. They put a lot of effort into it with the help of their family and friends. It was totally worth it.

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts Boston wedding

I’m totally obsessed with these DIY paper pinwheels that Anne and Dan made for their ceremony backdrop. They’re so easy to make and yet so beautiful. You can find a lot of DIY tutorials online if you’re looking to do the same, or other ideas.

DIY pinwheels for wedding ceremony backdrop

bride gets emotional teary eye at wedding ceremony
Anne was getting a little teary eyed here. She was trying to hold it in but it was a really emotional ceremony.

wedding ceremony reading in front of DIY paper pinwheels backdrop

wedding ceremony groom's vow

DIY pinwheels wedding ceremony backdrop

Tell me about some of your DIY details and inspirations.

Anne: “Colors, colors, and more colors! We made a whole bunch of paper rosettes out of many varieties of scrapbooking paper. These ended up being the backdrop for our ceremony. We gave our friends these and some PVC pipe and they went to town. Also, have friends and family over for crafting sessions! We had a couple of these over the 3 months before the wedding. It was really lovely:-)”

Dan: “Our whole wedding was DIY; the decorations, table cloths, lighting, caterers, bar, and even the ceremony. Our inspiration throughout it all was our friends and families who helped prepare for months in advance and especially on the day of the wedding. We could not have pulled it off without them!”

groomsmen holding up groom at his wedding

tall bride short groom wedding portrait

groom kisses happy bride at wedding

happy bride and groom artistic wedding portrait

happy bride hugging groom at wedding

fun wedding party surf pose

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding reception

The majority of the wedding reception was DIY’d, from the decorations – the centerpieces, the guest sign in postcards, to the table setup. It was amazing to see how creative Anne and Dan were and how much help their family and friends provided throughout the whole process leading up to the wedding day.

DIY wedding guest sign in postcards stationery
Instead of guest sign in books, they used postcards and some really colorful pens for guests to sign and get really creative.

wedding place cards chalkboard

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding celebration?

Anne: “All of our friends and family helping to set up the wedding venue with tons of colorful decorations and lights! That was super fun and full of love:-)”

Dan: “Seeing all of our friends and family smiling as we walked down the aisle. Also having all of our friends show up to the venue eight hours before the wedding began to help us decorate and set up hall.”

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding reception entrance

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding first dance

first dance at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts

Funniest memory of the day?

Anne: “My bridesmaids and friends telling me that after the venue was decorated and we had a few hours to go before the wedding that my mom was sitting outside like a cute little guard puppy:-)”

Dan: “When our friends lifted us up chairs during the dancing and holding on tight — and mainly trying not to fall off!”

Jewish wedding hora dance on chairs

Jewish wedding bride and groom hora dance

Any advice for future brides/grooms?

Anne: “Have fun and don’t stress out! The day should be super fun and full of great memories. Work hard to not sweat little annoying things. Get your friends in on the fun and allow them to be creative and organize with you. They will be so awesome and helpful and the process will be much more fun:-)”

Dan: “The wedding day goes by like a blur. Try to take it all in as it’s happening; the day goes by faster than you can imagine and before you know it it’s over!”

bride having fun on reception dance floor

I love DIY weddings. I had such an incredible time photographing this Villa Victoria Center for the Arts wedding in Boston. If you’re doing anything DIY for your wedding, I would love to photograph it.