Our Amazing Trip to Paris

September 2, 2015

I finally have some time to blog the photos from Paris after coming back from this awesome trip a few weeks ago. I’m a little sad that our trip was over to be honest. I think I caught a little bit of the travel bug :) While it is impossible for me to travel full time right now, which has always been a dream of mine, I don’t think my photography business would allow me to do that, I’d like to at least take one big trip every year in the foreseeable future.

Anyways, Paris was amazing! The food, the language, the people and culture. It was such a walkable city that I can definitely see myself living in. It was also nice to not be run over by cars because we looked the wrong side before crossing the road, like we almost did in London. Because everything was in relatively close proximity, we opted to walk and bike for the most part. August was a really slow month; a lot of businesses were on hiatus, which had its upside – we didn’t have to push through crowds, okay, maybe except for a few main attraction areas. But overall, we really enjoyed the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the city that you wouldn’t otherwise experience any other month of the year.

arc de triomphe

Eiffel Tower and Carousel

Eiffel Tower and Peace Wall

Eiffel Tower sunset

Eiffel Tower night photography

Paris blue sky and river

Paris river

Paris river boat

place de la concorde

outside the Louvre

area around Louvre

beautiful architecture by Louvre Paris

stunning building near Louvre

Louvre night photography

Louvre in ParisLouvre night Paris