What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

A very common question I get from couples is how and what to dress for their engagement sessions. Your wardrobe choice depends on a couple things: the location of your session, weather, and most importantly, your personality.  I’m going to break each one of these down for you in this post and I hope you find some useful information here.


Pick outfits that reflect your personality

The most important tip I can give with regards to choosing outfits for your engagement or lifestyle session is to wear something that reflects who you are. As you can see, my style is candid and colorful, I really emphasize on dressing comfortably so I’m able to do a better job photographing your candid moments and expressions. An engagement session is supposed to be fun, relaxed, and an opportunity for you to experience being photographed professionally before your wedding day, you don’t have to dress a certain way just because you saw something pretty on Pinterest. Your photos will look much better if you’re comfortable being who you are in front of the camera.

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Compliment each other

There’s a distinction between complimenting and matching outfits. When you compliment your outfits, wearing outfits with the same level of dressy is always a good idea. For example, in Frank and Mark’s Carson Beach engagement session, they wore button ups of different shades of blue and white shorts. They had an overall theme of navy/blue and white while keeping things classy and casual.

Boston fun gay couple engagement session

Layer it up

I usually recommend layering during the cooler months so you get to keep warm and looking great. Cardigans are my favorite for this purpose as you can take them off once you start to warm up, which also gives you a multiple looks as you put on or take off layers during your engagement session. Take weather into consideration; obviously you wouldn’t want to wear multiple layers during the hot summer months.cute couple engagement session outdoor natureChristina & Dave-9668

Work with the environment

Always consider the environment of your engagement session. If the location for your session is downtown Boston, it has a modern and city feel, a cocktail dress for the girl and button up and dressy pants + shoes for the guy is a great combination. If your session is on a beach, sandals and dress or shorts would be appropriate.
Boston skyline engagement session

Bring extra outfits

Sometimes it’s a good idea to bring extra outfits so you have a variety of looks. I recommend bringing 1-2 extra outfits that you can change into. This would depend on how many things you want to carry with you; obviously, the more you bring, the more you have to carry, but you bring a family or friend along to help carry some of the things, that would make the session easier.

Bonus tip: get enough sleep the night before and put yourselves (you and your fiance) in a happy mood before the session, your photos will reflect that and make a world of difference.