Chad & Rachel Marriage Proposal – Boston Pier 6

When Chad contacted me about his surprise plans to propose to his girlfriend Rachel, I knew it was going to be a romantic story. Rachel’s birthday fell on New Year’s Eve, and they planned a birthday party with friends at the Pier 6 restaurant in Boston. This was the perfect opportunity for Chad to propose. He had written out his detailed plans of his proposal, including a backup plan, from the exact time he was going to bring Rachel out, to the precise spot that he was going to propose to her. He told Rachel he was going to give her a present in private plan so he brought her out of the restaurant, to the end of the pier where it overlooked the Boston skyline, but it was an excuse to have a few minutes of alone time so he could pop the question.

There were a few benches towards the end of the pier so I pretended I was just sitting there and enjoying the sunset by myself. I arrived early so I wouldn’t look suspicious ;) I hid my camera under my bag and pop out my camera screen so I was able to use the back LCD screen and didn’t have to hold it up against my face. As soon as Chad and Rachel got to their spot, everything happened really fast, but in a super romantic way. Rachel was happily surprised and without hesitation, she said yes!! At that moment, I could feel their joy and excitement being just a few feet away. It totally made my day and I could not be happier for them.

Boston skyline

Boston Pier 6 restaurant
This was the Pier 6 restaurant where Rachel celebrated her birthday… and now engagement too!
engagement proposal in Boston
Love Rachel’s surprise reaction when Chad got on his knees.
marriage proposal in Boston
Rachel said yes!! This was their first kiss as an engaged couple.

Boston engaged couple

engaged couple in Boston

I have to say, it made me really happy to witness such a beautiful moment on NYE. I wish Chad and Rachel a lifetime of happiness.