HI, MY NAME IS SAMSam Liang Boston Arnold Arboretum

I’m a wedding photographer based out of Boston, MA. I’m a twenty-something year-old following my passion and doing something that makes me unimaginably happy every day I wake up. I love weddings that are modern and non-traditional. Some of my absolute favorites are interracial/multicultural weddings, same-sex weddings, and weddings that incorporate DIY details. My style is clean and colorful. I think the best images are candid and capture an emotion.

I love working with couples who prioritize photography and take my wedding planning advice to heart. My relationship with my couples is a defining factor in my business. We go beyond the typical client-vendor relationship; we really get to know each other and it helps me document their love.



  • I love country music, romantic comedies, and the outdoors.
  • I also love cooking but always have a fire extinguisher with me.
  • If you find me running on the treadmill, you’ll probably see me stuffing my face with potato chips.
  • I’ve never experienced a headache in my life.
  • Aside from wedding photography, my other job is reading travel blogs and planning my next imaginary trip.