Wedding photography is personal. I'm always thankful how much my clients share with me about their personal lives. I'm an open book, and I love sharing my stories with you as well.
Spirit of Boston top deck Entertainment Cruises

Vendor Love: Boston Entertainment Cruises

As you've already figured out, wedding reason is in full swing and I've been burying my head shooting and editing...
Blue Men Group at The Charles Playhouse Theater
by: Sam Liang

How I Decided to be a Wedding Photographer

On Tuesday, I attended Judy Herrmann's talk about the business of commercial photography. If there's one thing I take away...
by: Sam Liang

We are what we make of ourselves

I like all things inspiring, positive, and motivational. I was instantly attracted to the Unknown Photographer episodes hosted by Andy...
by: Sam Liang


As you know Northeastern is famous for its co-op program. It is finally my time to spend a full semester...

Best of 2011 Boston Engagements

2011 to me was all about new beginnings. First time being an assistant, second shooter, photographed my first same-sex wedding,...
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